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For questions regarding your water/sewer bill please contact:

Tammy Wright, (989) 224-8944, ext. 282
Brianna Hardaker, (989) 224-8944, ext. 280

Water/Sewer Bills

The City of St. Johns mails water/sewer bills on a quarterly basis (every 3 months).  A minimum bill is generated even if there is no usage.  Water/sewer bills are based by usage per 1,000 gallons, so therefore every 1,000 gallons of water used also generates 1,000 gallons of sewer. 

Residential and Commercial customers can sign up to receive their bill electronically through an email instead of receiving a paper copy in the mail. To do so, a verified email address is required for electronic billing, please fill out the necessary form under this link: Email Bill Form in order to sign up to receive bills by email. The form can be returned to the water-sewer billing department.  

There are several options on how you can pay your water/sewer bill.  We now have automatic bill payment where your bill can be deducted either from your checking or savings account.  Please click this link Automatic Bill Payment (Internet Explorer search engine works best) to fill out and return the form.  This form must be signed for the automatic payment to take place.  Also it will be your responsibility to notify the City of St. Johns in writing when you wish to withdraw from this service; otherwise the payments will continue to be withdrawn from your account.  If there are insufficient funds in your account, your payment will be treated similarly to a check with insufficient funds.  Your payment will be removed & any penalties for late/non-payment will be applied to your bill.

You can also pay your water/sewer bill online (a nominal fee of $4.95 will be assessed by Official Payments for amounts totaling $500.00 or less).  This fee would be less the 10% penalty assessed if the bill is not paid on time.  You may also VIEW a history of the account.

Cash or check is also accepted for payment of your water/sewer bill.  A check can either be mailed, dropped off at city offices or placed in our drop box (white with green lettering) which is located in the courthouse parking lot near Cass Street.  Please have your bill stub with your payment or your account number written on your check.  If paying with cash, please drop off at City Offices; do not place cash in the drop box. 

Any unpaid water/sewer bills have a 10% penalty added after the due date.  If the water/sewer bill is not paid the following year by May 22, the unpaid balance will go onto the property owner's taxes plus administration fee.  Payments can be made at any time.  The mailing address for your water/sewer bill is:  City of St. Johns Water Department, PO Box 477, St. Johns, MI 48879-0477.  For questions regarding your water/sewer bill, please call (989) 224-8944, ext. 282 or 280 or click here for further information.

If you are a landlord and would like to find out if your tenant is paying their water/sewer bill, please (989) 224-8944, ext. 282 or ext. 280 or e-mail twright@ci.saint-johns.mi.us or bhardaker@ci.saint-johns.mi.us or visit the City's website to view water/sewer bill.

Turn-off and Turn-on of Service

The City offers a turn-off and turn-on policy if your house or business will be vacant for at least one billing cycle (3 months). The fee is $25 for the turn-off and no water/sewer bill will be generated until a $25 turn-on fee is paid.  The fee must be paid for prior to the turn-off and turn-on.  This is a great program for residents that head south for the winter.  If you do not pay for the turn-off, a minimum quarterly bill is generated even if there is no usage.  Please click here to view and print the form for turn-off and turn-on of service. 

Name Change Form for Water/Sewer Bills

A name change form for water/sewer needs to be filled out if you are moving in or out of a house or an apartment.  Please click here to view and print the name change form.  This form can be mailed, faxed or emailed when completed to the address above.

Final Reading

The City bills quarterly, in arrears. Therefore, if you need a billing as of a particular date you will need a final reading. This requires a manual reading of your meter and a hand-generated billing. You should come into City Offices to fill out the necessary paperwork or click here to view and print form, make an appointment when this meter should be read and pay the required service fee of $25.00.

Sprinkler Meter

If you do a lot of outside watering (ex. pool, garden, lawn), you may wish to purchase a water only meter--no sewer charge will apply.  This meter is installed next to the existing water/sewer meter in your basement or crawlspace of your house.  Your responsibility would be for any plumbing that would need to be done and valve to the meter.  The water department sets the meter onto the owner's plumbing.  The meter needs to be paid for prior to installation.  There is no bill generated the first quarter of each year; however, a bill is generated the remaining three quarters even if there is no usage.  Please click here to view and print specifications on a sprinkler meter.