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What gives the City of St. Johns the authority to assess my property for taxation purposes?
Public Act 206 of 1893 (link provided takes you to State of Michigan Web Site) as amended, also known as the General Property Tax Act.
What types of property is assessed?
All property may be divided into two major categories: Real property and personal property.
What is "assessed value"?
Assessed value is 50% of estimated fair market value which is determined by the City Assessor.
What is "SEV"?
SEV is State Equalized Value and a result of the county equalized value reviewed by the State Tax Commission.
What is Proposal A?
In 1994 Proposal A brought significant changes to the State's property tax system.
What is "taxable value"?
Taxable value was created by the passage of Proposal A in 1994.
What is "capped value"?
Capped value is the lesser of +5% or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) applied to prior year's taxable value.
What is "uncapping"?
When ownership is transferred on a property, the valuation is "uncapped".
Why were my taxes going up when my property values are going down?
When our State Legislature passed Proposal A in 1994, the Legislature did not anticipate the current economy and declining property values.
Why are my taxes different from my neighbors when our houses are the same?
If you purchased your house in a different year than your neighbor, your taxable value would have been uncapped to the same as the SEV.
Why do websites like "Zillow" say my house is worth a lot less than what the City has it valued at?
Zillow and other websites that estimate the value of your property use all the area recorded deeds and consider them sales.
What if I disagree with the value placed on my property?
Review your property records to make sure the information is correct.
How do I get an appointment with the March Board of Review?
Change of Assessment Notices are mailed to property owners in late February.
I have an appointment with the Board of Review, what do I do to prepare?
Be prepared to present testimony to the Board of Review supporting your claim that your property is assessed over 50% of market value.
What if I will be out of town during the March Board of Review?
You may submit a letter of appeal.
Who makes up the Board of Review?
The Board consists of three City residents appointed by the City Commission.
How often does the Board of Review Meet?
The Board meets three times a year.
What if I don't agree with the Board of Reviews decision?
You have the right to appeal with the Michigan Tax Tribunal.
How much will my taxes go up if I build a garage?
You can estimate the increase in taxes for the new garage by taking 50% of the market value of the new garage divided by 1,000 (as millage is based on $1 per 1,000 of taxable value) multiplied by the millage rate.
What if I build the garage myself to save money?
Assessments are based on fair market value and the value the improvement(s) add to the property.
Will my assessment go up if I repair my property?
Normal repairs and maintenance will not increase an assessment.
What is a "Principal Residence Exemption"?
A Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) exempts you from a portion of your local school operating taxes (18 mills) if you own and occupy your principal residence.
I am buying a house on a land contract; can I claim a Principal Residence Exemption?
In order to qualify, the land contract has to be recorded and Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit filed by June 1st or November 1st.
I sold my house and purchased another house, what forms do I need to file?
You need to file a Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption form on the house you sold within 90 days of closing.
What if I convert my Principal Residence to a rental and buy another home to use as my Principal Residence?
You need to file a Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption form on the house you converted to a rental within 90 days of closing.
What if I live in a house as my Principal Residence that has an apartment that I rent out?
If over 51% of the structure is used as your principal residence, you qualify for a 100% Principal Residence Exemption.
How does a home office affect my Principal Residence Exemption?
If you have a home occupation or claim a home office on your income tax, the percentage claimed for business purposes would be taxed at the non-homestead rate.
What if I own an adjoining lot to my principal residence that has a separate parcel number?
You can claim a Principal Residence Exemption on the adjoining property.
I purchased another home but haven't been able to sell my previous home. Is there anything I can do about the taxes on my previous home?
There is a three (3) year Conditional Rescission of a Principal Residence Exemption that allows an owner to receive a Principal Residence Exemption on their current property and the previously exempted property simultaneously if certain criteria are met.
I am on active duty in the military and rented my principal residence while I am away serving my country. Can I keep my Principal Residence Exemption?
A Conditional Rescission of an Active Duty Military Principal Residence Exemption enables a person with an established Principal Residence Exemption to retain the exemption while on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces if the principal residence is rented or leased out.
What is a Property Transfer Affidavit?
This form reports sales information and must be filed whenever a property changes ownership as transfers of ownership affects the taxable value of a property.
What is a Real Property Statement?
The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered that information about the financing of property sales be gathered.
What if I want to sell part of my property to a neighbor such as the rear 10 feet?
Any land divisions must be approved by the Assessor.
What options do I have to pay my water/sewer bill?
The City of St. Johns accepts online payments, cash or check.
I am an owner, renter, or landlord, how can I find out if the water/sewer bill has been paid?
You can check the account on-line by visiting the City’s website and clicking on the water/sewer link.
Is there a deposit for a tenant/landlord agreement?
Yes, there is a $250 deposit required for any landlord that wishes to have the tenant receive the water/sewer bill in the tenant’s name.
What happens if my water/sewer bill goes unpaid?
If a water/sewer bill is not paid by the due date, a 10% penalty is added on to your account.
If my house/business will be vacant for a period of time, how can I avoid receiving a minimum water/sewer bill?
The City of St. Johns has a turn-off and turn-on policy.
How can I avoid paying a sewer fee if I do a lot of outside watering, pool filling?
An irrigation meter may be purchased at City offices.
What if my water/sewer bill seems quite high?
If your water and/or sewer bill seems high, check for leaks.
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