The Code Enforcement Department is responsible for handling complaints and violations pertaining to the City of St. Johns Codified and Zoning Ordinances.

Some of the most commonly violated ordinances include those regarding tall grass and weeds, nuisance, not clearing sidewalks of snow, raking leaves into the street, commercial signs, improper parking or storage of recreational vehicles, and inoperable vehicle storage. The Code Enforcement Department shall use various techniques to achieve compliance with local laws relating to building and zoning requirements, health and safety concerns, property maintenance standards, and other land use laws and regulations. The goal is to obtain voluntary compliance from citizens. Each case may be unique and a “one size fits all” solution doesn’t always work. Residents in violation of City code are notified of the violation and instructed to take action in order to comply with the ordinance in question. Compliance is typically reached through promoting public awareness, communication, and collaboration. Uncorrected and repeated violations will result in tickets and/or fines.

The Code Enforcement Department does not engage in neighbor disputes over property lines or other matters that do not violate the city code.