Winter Driving Tips

Clean all snow and ice from your windows, including rear and side windows; so you can see traffic from all directions. Don’t forget to clear snow from headlights and taillights; so other motorists can see your brake lights, directionals and headlights. If your windows fog up, wait until the defroster clears them adequately for good vision. Taking a few extra minutes to clear snow and foggy windows may prevent an accident.

Prepare vehicles for emergencies – Equip your vehicle:

Winter Gear 

  • ice scraper
  • can of de-icer
  • small folding shovel
  • bag of sand or kitty litter
  • rug or traction mat

Trunk Gear 

  • basic tool kit (screwdrivers, wrenches, adjustable pliers, pocketknife, duct tape and fuse puller)
  • spare tire
  • tire jack
  • lug wrench
  • board to place under jack
  • aerosol tire inflator
  • windshield washer fluid
  • premixed coolant with water
  • gloves, rags, paper towels, hand cleaner
  • jumper cables

Safety Gear 

  • flares or reflective triangles
  • “call police” sign
  • reflective vest
  • first aid kit
  • small fire extinguisher
  • blanket
  • drinking water and non-perishable snacks

Glove Compartment Gear

  • owner’s manual
  • registration
  • insurance card
  • accident report form
  • emergency phone numbers
  • waterproof flashlight and fresh batteries