Backyard composters take note.

Ordinance #401 regulates residential composting operations by requiring:

  1. A ten (10) foot setback from structures and property lines.
  2. That compost sites be in rear yards only.
  3. Compost facilities be constructed of wood, fencing, wooden or steel barrels. That the size not exceed 4 x 6 and height not to exceed 4 feet.
  4. The compost be turned with lime or other chemicals added as needed to be operated as a compost pile.
  5. That the compost facility not be a source of odors; that there be no evidence of vermin; and no evidence of household refuse, trash or food waste in the facility.

Compost (Free)

Compost from the leaf and yard waste collections is given back to the City residents FREE of charge. Compost is great for your gardens and flower beds. Compost is usually available at DPW, 1000 North BR US 127. Watch for public service announcements on availability of your free compost. Must load your own containers; site is open 24/7.

Compost Drop-off Site

Take leaves and brush to the Department of Public Works, 1000 North BR US 127. Please use the Kuntz Drive Entrance. This facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.