Township Burn Permits (Bengal, Bingham and Greenbush)

Residents living in the east half of Bengal Township (Francis Rd. as the dividing line), Bingham Township and Greenbush Township may either call the St. Johns Police Department at 989-224-6721 or the St. Johns Fire Department at 989-224-2151 to request a 3-day burn permit. Permits cannot be given for manufactured materials, such as cardboard boxes, processed lumber, trash, tires, etc.  Residents may burn leaves, tree limbs, garden waste, field materials, and ditch banks, etc.  A burning permit for a recreational fire (less than 3' in diameter) is not required.

**NEW** We now offer an annual burn permit for residents in our Bingham, Bengal and Greenbush Township coverage areas.  You need to stop at the police department during their regular business hours (Mon - Fri, 8-4) and fill out one form.  Once you received a signed Annual permit you are not required to call for the 3-day permits.