Property taxes are based on the “taxable value” of the property not the SEV (State Equalized Value).

For tax calculation, divide your taxable value by 1,000 as millage is levied per thousand of valuation. Then apply the millage rate and the result are the annual taxes.


Taxable Value of 74,680 divided by 1,000 equals 74.680 times an annual homestead millage rate of say 37.6501 equals $2,811.71 (74,680/1000 = 74.680 x 37.6501 = $2,811.71).

Although the City of St. Johns collects the taxes for the other taxing authorities and disburses the taxes back to each authority, the City only retains approximately 40% of the total taxes collected.

In the City of St. Johns, there are five (5) taxing units. Below are the taxing units and their annual 2013/2014 millage rate. You could use the aforementioned formula to figure how much you paid each taxing unit.

Please note: When filing your income tax returns, you cannot include the garbage district fee on the summer tax bill, the 1% administration fees on both the summer and winter tax bills or any delinquent water and sewer charges/fees.