The city will reimburse property owners $2.50 per square foot for sidewalk replacement and driveway approaches.

Sidewalk and approach construction must meet City Construction Standards. Inspections are required. Work performed without inspections will not be eligible for reimbursement.

For additional information please contact Public Works Department at (989) 224-8944, Ext. 229.

Reimbursement Program/Policy  - 

The property owner or contractor must first obtain a Right-of-Way Permit and schedule inspections prior and after sidewalk construction to qualify for this program.

The yearly budget amount of monies for this program will be set by the City of St. Johns City Commission. After budgeted funds have been exhausted, no further reimbursement will be eligible.

  1. A list will be made of properties that request this program. Staff will evaluate each request using the sidewalk master plan and the following guidelines:  condition of the existing sidewalk, higher traffic count and/or pedestrian walking, or current upcoming street reconstruction projects. After evaluation of each of these guidelines is completed a recommendation will be given to the City Manager.
  2. City staff may solicit property owners in areas that do not have existing sidewalks.
  3. 60 % of the budgeted amount for sidewalk reimbursement program can be utilized on residential and 40% commercial properties. City Manager may request that the 60/40 split be adjusted dependent on the request for the reimbursement program.
  4. Minimum requirement of 25 square foot section (5’ x 5’) for replacement of existing sidewalk. Sidewalk must in the public right-of-way.
  5. Property owner to pay the full amount for the sidewalk construction and then submit the paid invoice to the City.  The City will only reimburse the property owner amount according to the fee and rate schedule and the property owner shall be reimbursed within 30 days of the receipt of the bill. 

To apply for reimbursement visit: Sidewalk and Driveway Reimbursement