Boards and Committees

The City of St. Johns has many different boards and committees for residents to become involved in their community and the important decisions being made with their local government. If you would like to join one of these bodies please consult the Boards and Committees Application Skillset Guide to determine the best fit, based on the experience you have. Afterwards, complete the Boards and Committees Application and submit it to the City of St. Johns City Clerk.

Board of Ethics

The Board of Ethics are brought together to review complaints of ethics violations against elected or non-elected city officials. These complaints can come from the City Manager, a city employee, a non-elected official, or a member of the City Commission. The Board will issue its findings or recommendations to the proper authority.

Board of Review

The Board meets three times a year to handle valuation disputes, poverty exemptions, classification appeals, and Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) corrections.

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Compensation Board

This Board, officially called the Local Officers Compensation Board, meets annually to review the compensation for the City Commission.

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Finance Advisory Group

The Finance Advisory Group meets on an as needed basis to provide financial oversight for the city.

Parking Committee

This Committee reviews requests and makes recommendations to the City Commission on parking when needed.

Parks and Recreation Board

This Board reviews and advises the City Commission on the operation of the city parks and recreation programs. Meetings are held every other month.

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets monthly to review requests for site plans, special use permits, subdivisions, and rezoning.

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Principal Shopping District/Downtown Development Authority (PSD/DDA)

The PSD/DDA works directly with a collaborative of business owners, property owners, real estate developers, and local government to stimulate the economy and produce opportunities for enhancing the downtown. This group meets monthly to achieve its mission through advocacy, community and special events.

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Zoning Board of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets when required to review requests for variances or for interpretations of the Zoning Ordinance.

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Training Opportunities for Boards and Committees

The City of St. Johns strives to have engaged members of their boards and committees who are trained in up-to-date knowledge of the areas they are serving the community. All upcoming training opportunities are posted here and available to the members of any boards and committees who would receive benefit.

City staff contact for training opportunities: Dave Kudwa, Community Development Director, 989-224-8944 ext. 231,