If you are unsure of your precinct location, check:

Michigan Voter Information Center

You can either enter your first and last name, birth month & year, and your zip code or your driver's license number, birth month & year.

It will give you your polling location, dates of upcoming elections, clerk contact information, etc.

City of St Johns residents can call the Clerk's Office, (989) 224-8944 extension 223 for assistance in locating the precinct for your address.

The City has three (3) polling places for residents. You will vote at the same precinct for all elections.

  • Precinct 1: First Baptist Church located at 512 South US-27
  • Precinct 2: Nazarene Church located at 515 North Lansing Street
  • Precinct 3: Wilson Center located at 101 West Cass Street

City Map