To keep our community the safe place we enjoy, “It takes a Village”

There are a variety of strategies employed to keep a community safe and secure. The most effective of those is a cooperative, positive relationship between the Police Department and all of our essential community components including schools, local businesses, residents and visitors. With that in mind, we have revamped our local crime prevention initiative as the “St. Johns City Watch”. The new program creates assigned watch districts with a dedicated liaison Police Officer from our department.

The primary objective is to engage and utilize our community partners to be attentive to and report activities and/or issues that need police attention or intervention such as:

  • Suspicious persons or activities observed near you
  • Suspicion of someone using, selling or providing illegal drugs
  • Persons who are know to be wanted by the police
  • Concerns about the possible abuse or neglect of a child or other vulnerable person

If you have observed any of these activities or something else you feel needs the attention of the police you can report them at any time by calling 989-224-6721 or email We would also welcome you to participate as member or even a “Watch Captain” in our City Watch program. For more information on how to join, please contact our department.

**Please remember that any time an emergency exists or you witness a crime in progress you should dial 911 and request the police.

St. Johns City Watch Green Shirt Project

As part of the City Watch project, we are outfitting City Watch team members with high visibility green t-shirts which display our City Watch emblem. It is our hopes that these green shirts become a symbol of the partnership between the Police Department and the community which is committed to keeping our city as safe as possible. If you enjoying walking, bicycling or really any other activity outdoors or would be willing to wear the shirt while you are out and about in the city we would appreciate the assistance.