New and relocating residents should notify the Assessor's Office of ownership and taxpayer changes.

This includes refinancing, mortgage company changes or if your mortgage has been sold to another company and you have an escrow account. A form must be completed and signed to authorize the change.

Contact the Assessor's Office upon purchase of a property. With Proposal A, there are several forms that need to be completed such as property transfer affidavit and real property statement. A Principal Residence Exemption update form needs to be filed if the seller has an exemption on the property and the buyer is to use the property as a principal residence. If the seller listed the property as non-homestead and the buyer is to use the property as a principal residence, an affidavit form must be filed. For the current tax year, the buyer would have to be living in the property as their principal residence and the affidavit filed prior to May 1st. If the sale closes and the buyer moves in after May 1st, the buyer would not receive the exemption benefit until the next tax year. If the seller used the property as a principal residence and sells it to a buyer who will use the property as a non-homestead, a rescission form needs to be filed.

Name Change/Ownership and Taxpayer Change Forms: